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5 steps how to find the perfect tattoo

You would like to have an amazing tattoo, but there is one problem, you don´t know which tattoo you should get.

Below you will find a few tips that might help you find the right tattoo.

Artist: Érika Werneck | Instagram: @werneck_ka

1. Get inspired on Instagram and Pinterest

If you don’t know which tattoo you want, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are perfect to get inspired. By entering hashtags you can find specific motifs, places, styles etc. from various pages.

Check out our Pinterest Account for more inspiration

Artist: Victoria Guimaraes | Instagram: @_victoriaguimaraes_

2. Choose a motif you love

You should really take your time when choosing the motif that you wear for a lifetime on your skin.

Choose something meaningful. Maybe a symbol with which you associate a story,  a name (be careful which name you choose) or simply a motif you like, the most important thing is that you are 100% convinced.

If no single motif meets your expectations, you can also combine several symbols into one great work of art. The best way to create an unique tattoo is to collaborate with your artist.

Artist: Èrika Werneck | Instagram: @werneck_ka

Artist: Mor Asraf | Instagram: @mor__asraf

3. Inform yourself about the different styles

Another important point is the right choice of style. There are so many different styles, from “Blackwork” to the colourful “Watercolor-style”. If you need an overview click here. Otherwise, Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for this.

Artist: Koray Karagözler | Instagram: @koray_karagozler

Artist: Tom Ten | Instagram: @tom__ten

4. Choose a good placement

You should simply pay attention to where you like it best and where it fits best.

If you are worried about the pain, you might want to choose a less painful place, like the upper arm. Click here to read more about “Painful and less painful places”.

Artist: Sorcha Beeson | Instagram: @sorchabeesontattoo

5. The right artist

It is of no use to have a motif, the style and the placement without the right artist.

Take your time when researching your tattoo artist, because every tattoo artist has his own way of tattooing. You should choose the one that suits you best.

Of course you should also look at some reviews and find out if the tattoo artist works clean and if the clients are happy with his work.

credit: pexels

Overall you should take your time when choosing your tattoo and think carefully what do I want, where should it go, how should it be fulfilled and who should do it.

So what will be your next tattoo?

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